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Lyn Ashworth, by Sarah Barrett, has a signature romantic and feminine style. Renowned for dreamy flowing skirts and perfectly boned bodices, Sarah is passionate about ensuring the very highest quality from start to finish. She ensures that there is exceptional attention to detail, and the very best craftsmanship, at every stage of making your dress.

From her studio in rural Staffordshire, the process starts with Sarah personally creating each of her timeless yet fashionable designs. These designs use only the finest materials from around the world to create the beautiful flowing lines that are the hallmark of a Lyn Ashworth gown. With an uncompromising eye for quality, Sarah hand-picks and personally trains her expert cutters and  dressmakers to exacting standards. She is enthusiastically committed to keeping all her design and manufacturing wholly within the UK. This means that all her staff  work within her Staffordshire studio where she can ensure that her exacting standards are maintained. It also means that every single dress is truly and authentically “Made in England”. From concept & design through to making your lovingly created dress, it’s all done here.

With every dress crafted by hand in England, a Lyn Ashworth bride has the option of evolving her dress to suit her style and personality. She can ensure a masterpiece created to her specific desires.

A Lyn Ashworth bride will shine with a sparkle all of her own and feel very very special on her big day!

Sass & Grace are proud to be the only bridal boutique in the South of England that offers the Lyn Ashworth range of bridal gowns.

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